Sunday, August 28, 2011

After Hurricane Irene

The dawn was so pretty this morning. If seems like hurricane Irene( that hit east coast yesterday and left almost a million homes in Virginia alone without power) happened in another life. Even if it was still quite dark, I could see that the sky was clear. As I was pulling the driveway at a few minutes before 6:00, I could see the first sign of dawn. The sky was a very faint but gorgeous sight to behold behind the darkness of the cloud that was slightly covering it. The early morning breeze made the trees sway as if welcoming a new day with so much rejoicing and hope that finally the hurricane and the dangers it brought has passed.

Somehow that vision brought a feeling of happiness and hope in my heart. It inspired me to reflect on my experiences in my journey through this life. It is always comforting that happiness comes after every trial. The frustrations and the sadness brought about by our own mistakes and shortcomings may weaken our self-confidence but also a way for us to become stronger and better person if we only look at the positive side of these experiences. After every storm, the sky clears up and the sun will surely shines.  
And as for me there's so much to hope for and so much promise for today and for the future. The sky seemed to be talking to me, saying "be patient for many good things are coming, the promise of beautiful future is at hand." I felt so at peace even though my schedule as I looked at it, threatens to overrun me....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beware Of These Cons

Just the other day, I received an email from my friend from the Philippines, who begged me for assistance from Spain.

The warning lights came on one by one. In the first paragraph, she told me she's in Madrid for a program. She went on to explain, “I have misplace my wallet on my way to hotel where my money and valuable things were keep.” Then she wrote, “I want you to assist me (she doesn't sound so demanding, huh!) with a loan of 2700 Erous (notice the spelling and the grammar, hahaha!). I will appreciate whatever you can afford to assist me with. Please send the money to the following information.”

Now, you ask me, are you not going to help your friend in dire need? Of course I will. The problem is I just talked to my friend that day I got her email. She was in Manila that day. I know her to be very proficient in English both written and oral.

You’ve probably received a scam letter like this before. Many people have. And some of them, God knows how, fall for it. It makes me wonder how is it that people can succumb to this pathetic con? Are these con guys trying to portray my friend, who has a degree in Economics and Masters in Business Management from Asian Institute of Management as so distraught that she wrote awefully? 

Last month, I received this email:

Dear Esteemed Winner,

Congratulations, you have won 2,000,000.00 (TWO MILLION BRITISH POUNDS) from MEGA MILLIONS LOTTERY PROGRAM as one of the 10 top lucky winners for the month of July, 2011.

Batch Number  089/75588
Winning Numbers 05,17,25,34,37
Reference Number MM/5464542
Payment No. MM 0348
To begin your claims, kindly contact our Overseas Payment Officer, Dr. Ahmed Majid with below details.
Dr. Ahmed Majid  (Overseas Payment Officer)
I was told, “Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our Afro representative office in (South Africa) as indicated in your electronic play coupon.” Later references were made to “our Africa agent.”
I didn't really pay so much attention to this stuff because I knew right away that this is a scam. But after getting email from my friend in need I really got agitated. It is so frustrating and annoying isn't it?
Anyone who fails to note the nearly illiterate writing and falls victim to this scam or similar ones will mostly become their victim. I feel sorry for those victims and what they have to go through to learn lessons.

As I have said in the past, Technology have brought so much comfort and convenience to this generation. But we also have to be very careful and vigilant for those people who will use it to steal our money, privacy and sometimes our lives.