Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The nigh is dark, the moon is partly hidden
The wind is chilly that numbs the skin
Walking alone and nowhere to go
Lost in doubt and a prison in limbo 

Where are the promise of golden sunset?
Why suffer for the price of elusive dream
Once blue now frozen stood a stream
A love withdrew when summer was young

With tears and loss and broken dreams
A lonely soul wanders and lament in silence
the cold night and its starless sky 
The lone witness to a drifting passion

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Ray Of Light

A ray of light
of the golden sun
will break the cold
and bitter night

Unspoken words
that were not meant to be
drowning myself
in infinite sadness

Written on a line
that things will be fine
and intense will be love
that rises above as a ray of light

Times are tough, this soul bleeding
Dawn is near and will soon be here
Warmth will come as the sun will shine 
To overcome and break the bitter night.

Monday, July 19, 2010

And Days Passed By

Old stuffs are always a source of wide and almost never ending (we wish the enjoyable) memory lane. When I was at the hospital a couple of days ago, I was not allowed to read books because it made me sick. The hours seemed to pass so slowly like forever so I asked my daughter to bring me something to keep me occupied and not get bored. Of all things, she thought of bringing an album that I told them is one of my few treasured things. True enough, the time went by a little bit faster as I looked at old photos and thought of how things have changed--with me, my family, people and our world.  And gazing at them in that hospital bed made me feel like it's only a dream...warm people, some full of love and life, who in their own unique and special way took me where I am today and caused to change my life forever.

the spot (Lun Padidu River) where I spent many memorable times with my horse Mula during summer
when I was young

my nephew and my niece who passed away one year after the other (they were first cousins)

Jim- our dear friend who passed away the year I left the Phil. We were friends since high school

We were...once upon a time

we were, we still are and forever will be...friends

my girls at age 4 and 6

our neighbors' kids bathing at Lun Padidu River, Alabel

cousins, and one of them is named Amie

Delia, I wrote a post about her last year

my high school graduation photo (yuckkks for this batch graduation dress!)

 college graduation photo

with Paco Arrespacochaga and Ernie Severino (sideA Band)

our very precious baby Arielle

my father with our sister (sister Stella Maris) our brother Aquiles, my nephew Nezzar and grand daughter Arielle

pose with my fellow OLPGV Lectors just before I left for the US

Just looking at these images really started to tug at my heart strings. And yes, these photos, they came spilling out and with them, some poignant memories too, that were almost too hard to remember....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where Did It Go

My mind is racing,
I can't make it stop.
Some things got to go
Change has to find its way .

I see things
my heart can't handle,
My mind keep asking questions
I just ignored
look at this, what about that...

and when my eyes wet with tears
It asks me bluntly
what it is I fear
I can only answer

Loss of heart
loss of love
loss of everything I hold inside
I've got to take a stand

so beloved one
Should it have to be this way?
I don't think it does
If we just try hard enough