Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why Lonely Woman

Lonely woman, life's a struggle
Life has always been a fight
Lonely woman, don't know why
You're still alone, it isn't right

How did your life get like this
Why did you end up so lonely
What happened to the fairytale
What happened to your one and only

People talk about their lovers
You smile and shrug, and you pretend
You don't mind being alone
But you want your pain to end

Lonely woman, nothing's changing
Lonely woman, fading youth
Maiden bloom now whithering
With no one to take care of you

How did you get so lonely
Who put you on this path
Where is your one and only
To take you by the hand?

Delusion creeps in to comfort your pain
your life is eternally in rain.
All your actions are in vain,
why, oh why you lonely woman?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Friends & Memories

Friends are the most wonderful gift of life. I am blessed with so many friends. Most of them I have shared long-lasting friendships, that after so many years we have become family to each other. May is one of them. May is like a sister to me. We call each other ate (big sister). We have so many wonderful times and memories together. She's a wonderful person with a golden heart and one of the strongest woman I have ever known.  She is single but very happy, had raised two nephews and she's a cancer survivor, click here to read her testimony. I can go on and on telling you all the qualities that my friend posses that made her my little hero but that's another post to write.

May is here in the US for a vacation and just recently she and her nephew Russ came for a visit and stayed with me here in Virginia for a week. And to add to the excitement, our common friend Rhoda who is based in New York also took time off to join us. Our moments were filled with catching up stories and new memories to fill the pages of our book of friendships. I am posting some of our photos during our time together. Ate May, Russell and atch Rhoda, I hope you'll enjoy this; this is for you....

                                                       Picking them up at Dulles Int'l Airport

                                          at Apple main store in Manhattan, NYC

                                                                May, Russ and Rhoda

                                                              at Central Park, NYC

                                                                with more friends

the world seem perfect when three very good friends are together

tired from walking

 Times Square

                                 my ever dearest friends and our gracious hosts in New Jersey, Juls and Delsie

                                                               Washington DC photos:

It is really true that time seem to be so short when you are with the right company and you are happy. As much as I didn't want to, it was time for my friends to leave.  I am back to my reality now--missing them and looking forward to that day that we will be together again.

May, Rhoda and Russell, till we meet again!