Monday, February 22, 2010

The Promise Of Spring

This morning, after looking out my window and seeing that the snow that had blanketed the ground for weeks is slowly melting, I went for a morning walk. As I walked up the road I noticed that the grass are starting to get green and the trees are budding. And I realized that in a week we had gone from below freezing temperatures and wind chill factors and  inches of snow to mid 40 degrees and worms seeking sunshine. And then I heard the twittering of birds in the trees. Spring...yes, spring is coming! What a relief.

I really don’t like winter but it is a reality I have to live with. The last snow storm we had here was the worst in 100-year history. In Virginia winter is not so harsh and not so long, but I need a change... What could be better than a change from the cold and gray and bare trees to colors on the ground and in the bushes and on the trees? As a lover of summer, beaches, golf courses, fall and its vibrant colors I must say that this year I cannot be happier about the change of seasons, even if it entails losing an hour of my life tomorrow and a vast number of sneezes.

What a relief that soon I will not feel confined, I will not feel forced to stay in because the sting of cold is so discomforting. I look forward to not having a built-in excuse for getting out, because I so much want to get out and I want to cajole myself with ease.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soliloquies Of The Heart!

Promises that were broken
Dreams that were forgotten
Heart that bleeds in pain
For love that was given in vain..

How could I have forgotten
How I was torn and hurt
For believing in empty words
That was meant to melt into space.

I clad myself with coldness and emptiness
And shutting down to feel nothing, just numbness
But still the hope of our sunset and life together 
Reverberate through my soul, and hurts me to the core

Heart, oh heart! When will you ever learn
Love that lasts forever
is unreachable as an evening star
As elusive and surreal as a dream!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Valentines Day

With Valentine’s Day coming tomorrow I tend to get introspective and can’t help sharing my thoughts about this day.

Anyone close to me knows that I am a total sucker for nostalgia. Old fashioned ideas of handmade cards, sweeties and suitors leave me longing to be a damsel of simpler times. At this stage in my life, Valentine's Day do not appeal to me anymore as a particular day to make a fuss over anyone. It instead created a place for me for other things like memories of a first date or a first kiss, or simply just a day to reflect on my love and appreciation for my friends, amazing family and myself.

One more thing, I think Valentines Day is a Hallmark Holiday; a corporate concoction that plays on our deepest feelings for the purpose of selling us stuff.

But why not set aside a day to celebrate love? Yes, I know. I understand it and I agree with it: But I believe that we ought to celebrate our love and the love of our life on a daily basis. I write under my nom de plume and offer up a light-hearted look at all things romantical yet tre's simple.

All these sweet things people do on this love day means a lot, but to me what really matters most is to take time everyday…in words or deeds…don’t let another minute slip by without saying I love you those who matters so much in my life not only on days like Feb. 14 but every chance I get.

Happy Valentines to you all!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Lonely Woman

The lonely woman wanders
Alone in the walks of life
No other soul as her companion
The lonely woman wanders
Lonely woman, life's a struggle
Life has always been a fight
Lonely woman, don't know why
You're still alone, it isn't right

How did your life get like this
Why did you end up so lonely
What happened to the fairytale
What happened to your one and only

People talk about their lovers
You smile and shrug, and you pretend
You don't mind being alone
But you want your pain to end

Lonely woman, nothing's changing
Lonely woman, fading youth
Maiden bloom now whithering
With no one to take care of you

How did you get so lonely
Who put you on this path
Where is your one and only
To take you by the hand?

Delusion creeps in to comfort your pain
your life is eternally in rain.
All your actions are in vain,
why were you the lonely woman?