Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Through The Years

Christmas always brings so many fond memories of my childhood. It is the time of the year when as a child I would have some sleepless nights from being so anxious of the holiday and anticipation of receiving Christmas presents that our parents have prepared for us. My most funny memory was when I would be unable to sleep at night of Christmas Eve out of joy because I couldn't wait for dawn so I could bathe and slip into my new dress and new shoes to show off to everybody the next day.

Through the years, Christmas celebration in my life had changed. As I get older, the celebration has become more quiet and more focused on others and less of myself. I am not expecting gifts anymore. I am more excited about finding perfect gift for each of my love ones. I want to give something more than just material things. The anticipation of Christmas has become bigger than just material gifts and festive celebration. It has become more of sharing myself, my time and treasures not only to family, friends but also to those who are less fortunate. Christmas is sharing the gift that waits for all of us under the tree of heaven. The birth of the savior in a manger brought the good news of life to all mankind.

As we celebrate Christmas this year with our family and love ones, may we also reflect that two thousand years ago, a King left his very comfortable throne to come and be with us here on earth--as a friend, a teacher, as God. He gave the most precious gifts to each of us- a new life. However some of us haven't open the box yet, still wrap and gathering dust. He still gives and waits.

Wherever you are in the world, may you feel the joy, peace and love in your heart and in your home not only this holiday season but through out the coming year.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!!!