Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Space

After few days of being down, I finally manage to bounce back and be myself again-- happy, inspired, energetic and in love.

We all have stress in our lives. Sometimes that stress is intense and other times it exists at a low hum just as a back drop to our everyday activities. Certain situations can cause us to feel stressed such as; challenges in a relationship, job pressure, death of a friend or ailing health of a loved one.

I did some kind of soul searching and re evaluate my life– what I really want and what caused my feelings to get down. One of the reasons is because I have kept many issues inside of me and didn’t want to talk about it hoping my mind will process them and maybe they won't bother me anymore.

But pent up emotions causes stress. Some psychologists would also argue that repressed feelings can lead to anxiety and depression. Either way, I’ve realized that I need to express my emotion. If I don't I feel lonely, frustrated and restless

I feel that it is not always possible or practical to vent my feelings though. I may rant and rave to a friend, but this might be boring to them.

Writing down our thoughts has been known to be therapeutic, and this to me is indeed true. My only problem is that I will never get to air those thoughts to anyone else. That is where the Internet comes in.

I feel that blogs are a great way to share my feelings, whether they are positive or I am just venting about something that is making me sad or upset. Viewing and posting on blogs is relaxing to me!

When I am angry, upset, or stressed I can tell the world about it in a blog. Get it off my chest, rant and rave as much as I like. People can support me, or argue back with me, prompting me to get negative thoughts out of my system!

I feel like I can let go of myself and just write whatever I feel and do whatever I like! Here I can be me...This is my space to think and speak!


Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Yes please write it out.. writing is like initiating a 'talking cure' session. You got a lot of friends out here..

Amie said...

Hi Loida, thanks for the positive reinforcement. One of the great things about this blogging is we get to meet friends out there we may not have met in person but support us with their kind words & empathy

Debbie said...

I think blogs are fascinating ways of self expression. And writing is definitely one of your gifts.