Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Approval From Blogvertise

Practically I am new to this blogging world. This site was born on January 3, 2009. My friend Avel of http://www.gensantos.com/ encouraged me to sign in to a blog site and share my thoughts to the world because he said I can write beautifully, well as I said, he is a friend. I was hesitant then but with his and my brother's encouragement, I finally post my first entry "From Miles Away." It's hard to believe I already have 91 entries with 4000+++ pages and 1,650+++ visits in my site as of today. I know that figure is nothing compared to number of visitors that most blogsites get, but for me it's a big accomplishment. I am flattered. I also have an offer from a Singapore-based company to advertise them in my site. Isn't that inspiring????

I originally intended my blogsite to be just for me to have an outlet to express my deep thoughts and pondering and what's going on with my life, my feelings and experiences.

Blogging became my way of expressing myself without being worried that I will be misunderstood or afraid of  offending somebody. But lately, my friends have been insinuating to me that I can earn income while doing what I love doing. And I said, wait...who wouldn't want an extra income if it won't limit me from doing other things that makes my life more exciting? My friend who is an IT Manager suggested a couple of websites and yesterday, Blogvertise, approved my application with them...so now I earn money while doing what I love to do...yes, I get paid while blogging!

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