Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Letter From A Daughter

Hi I am the daughter of the author. I had wrestled with my mother to have the permission to write this in her site. This is my Mother's Day greeting to her.

Amie is a woman known to many, and has many different roles to fill in her life. She is a daughter, sister, care giver, grandmother, friend, and for me, I have the blessing of being able to call her ‘Mom’. She raised 2 children into adulthood, single handedly, and she did it well. Her love is boundless and her energy unmatched. She is a source of inspiration to more people than she will ever know. Our mother encouraged and supported us in every sense of the word. Therefore we are able to take our place in the world, and it is a source of accomplishment for my mother that we, in spite of all our family has endured, were and are happy human being.

Fifteen years have passed since we live our life without our father. The incident changed her life, and the life of our family forever.

Mom had to be the tower of strength for us her two young pre- teen age daughters in the coming weeks, months and years. She did it, and she did it well. She was, and still is, a tribute to womanhood, and to motherhood.

My mother, was a rock, and an anchor in any storm.

Mom had to adapt to a life of a single parent to two growing up adolescents, a daunting task in itself. But she never wavered, She was the captain of every storm  and she ran a tight ship. Mom did everything humanly possible to maintain her dignity and independence after our father left us. Later in life did I realized how hard it must have been for mom; young and with two kids to raise alone There are many many nights that she turned into days working to support us, meanwhile neglecting her own happiness, never taking time to relax, time she needed to recharge her batteries. She just kept going.

Mom has always been our anchor and protection, all the while not wanting us to be on our own without her. In her big family, her siblings turned to her for many things and she always have  the hugs that healed the broken hearts.

She is a woman on the outside but tough inside. In the most challenging times of her life the frustrations, disappointments, anger and confusion, were kept to herself. But even as a very young age I knew what my mother was going through. One of mom's legacy to us is the love of God above all things. We were encouraged to work hard and someday make a good life for ourselves, but to always put God first. My Mothers’ faith and constant endless love kept us on track, she never faltered in her faith although the storms would rage at times, we got through with her at the front seat. Her strength in the heart breaking wreckage of her life is truly admirable.

Mom has been an inspiration to her family, friends and most of all, to us her daughters, and to those who know her by her unselfishness and loyalty. If we could give you a gift Mom, we would give you the ability to see yourself as others see you, then you could really see how very special you are. You have taught us so many good values and your legacy are engraved on our hearts forever. Your courage in the face of adversity, and your inner strength is truly a blessing to us.

You are a shining gem to your family and to us your daughters. We appreciate the love you have shown to us, your devotion and determination to keep us together, and last but not least, the way you have cared for us all those years. You are indeed a true ‘woman of heart’, a woman with great faith, and a wonderful role model and mother to us.

We love you Mom, more than you know, and we will continue to love you, forever. Thank you very much!

Happy Mother's Day Ma...


Loida of the 2L3B's said...

you made me weep.. amy is lucky to have you girls.. i begun to admire her since the day i started reading her blogs years ago.. keep up loving your mom girls, she deserve a lot of it..

Amie said...

Hi Loida, I'm so glad to see you back! Been missing you...thank you for your very kind words.

God bless you and your family always!

Pinoy Teacher in Memphis said...

A loving tribute to a loving mom from a loving daughter. I know you more now from reading this post. You beautiful soul.