Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why Lonely Woman

Lonely woman, life's a struggle
Life has always been a fight
Lonely woman, don't know why
You're still alone, it isn't right

How did your life get like this
Why did you end up so lonely
What happened to the fairytale
What happened to your one and only

People talk about their lovers
You smile and shrug, and you pretend
You don't mind being alone
But you want your pain to end

Lonely woman, nothing's changing
Lonely woman, fading youth
Maiden bloom now whithering
With no one to take care of you

How did you get so lonely
Who put you on this path
Where is your one and only
To take you by the hand?

Delusion creeps in to comfort your pain
your life is eternally in rain.
All your actions are in vain,
why, oh why you lonely woman?

1 comment:

Pinoy Teacher in Memphis said...

Now there's one to take care of you lonely woman. Hoping to help transform you into the happiest woman in the world.