Saturday, August 1, 2009

Till I Met You

Till I met you
I walked this life alone
No hand to hold in mine
My heart was all my own

Till I met you
True love was just a fantasy
Dreams of wonder and pain
fleeting passion, time spent in vain

Till I met you
Nobody knows that I was sad & Lonely
God knows the pain & emptiness I hide
The fear & longing of living life alone.

But now we have a journey
You and me toward our sunset
I know I will never walk alone
I have you beside me all the way.

So I thank the day that we found each other
But most of all, God from heavens above
He must have heard my ardent prayer
For I have found true love in you.


Unknown said...

That was absolutely beautiful! I'm glad you found each other. I wass married for 12 years when my husband decided he wanted to date. We divorced and 4 years later I met a wonderful man and we've been married 26 years next month, so I empathize with you.
Please check my blog sometime!

Amie said...

Hi Eva, you are so blessed to have found the love of your life after divorce. 26 yrs of marriage is amazing! Goodluck and more happiness to come.