Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soliloquies Of The Heart!

Promises that were broken
Dreams that were forgotten
Heart that bleeds in pain
For love that was given in vain..

How could I have forgotten
How I was torn and hurt
For believing in empty words
That was meant to melt into space.

I clad myself with coldness and emptiness
And shutting down to feel nothing, just numbness
But still the hope of our sunset and life together 
Reverberate through my soul, and hurts me to the core

Heart, oh heart! When will you ever learn
Love that lasts forever
is unreachable as an evening star
As elusive and surreal as a dream!



I hope you find a rainbow,
And realize it was worth the rain.
I hope that through your journey,
You will learn to balance smiles with pain.

I hope that you will realize,
Life isn’t always on your side.
I hope you know when hope is lost,
In hope you will also find.

Amie said...

Hi Atty Rojas,

Thank you very much for the very inspiring words, I'm sure anybody who reads this will be touched as much as I am...Thank you!