Monday, February 22, 2010

The Promise Of Spring

This morning, after looking out my window and seeing that the snow that had blanketed the ground for weeks is slowly melting, I went for a morning walk. As I walked up the road I noticed that the grass are starting to get green and the trees are budding. And I realized that in a week we had gone from below freezing temperatures and wind chill factors and  inches of snow to mid 40 degrees and worms seeking sunshine. And then I heard the twittering of birds in the trees. Spring...yes, spring is coming! What a relief.

I really don’t like winter but it is a reality I have to live with. The last snow storm we had here was the worst in 100-year history. In Virginia winter is not so harsh and not so long, but I need a change... What could be better than a change from the cold and gray and bare trees to colors on the ground and in the bushes and on the trees? As a lover of summer, beaches, golf courses, fall and its vibrant colors I must say that this year I cannot be happier about the change of seasons, even if it entails losing an hour of my life tomorrow and a vast number of sneezes.

What a relief that soon I will not feel confined, I will not feel forced to stay in because the sting of cold is so discomforting. I look forward to not having a built-in excuse for getting out, because I so much want to get out and I want to cajole myself with ease.

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