Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It was drizzling when I woke up this morning and rather than drive through the weather to hit some golf balls in a driving range as I had planned yesterday, I decided to just stay in bed for a while and didn’t get up until after almost nine in the morning when I felt hungry and I needed coffee to wake me up and rescue me from my feeling of laziness.

While trying to figure out whether to spend my day-off shopping or hitting some balls in the driving range, I ended up cleaning my closet. In the throes of sorting out and cleaning up, I found a packet of love letters, notes and cards from the past. I had them in the box from when I found them at my house in Gensan. At that time, just a couple of months ago, I figured that at some point I would want to read them, or that they were an important archaeological part of my past that had to be preserved so I brought it with me on my way back here in the States. But today when I saw them, I opened one card and after reading one of them turned my stomach. Without further ado, I dumped the whole packet in the dumpster. There is nothing to see there, there is nothing to recount or relive. Garbage, it’s all garbage. Harsh? Maybe. But why excavate to the good when the bad have poisoned it all. Why think back when I need to look ahead?

In that same box, though, I did find two photo albums.  They are pictures of our first home and my daughters when they were little. Looking at those pictures brought back so many fond memories of being a young mother and the joy of starting a family. No matter how the past have made us sad that we just want to forget them, there are memories that are worth keeping because they always make us smile and feel happy whenever we remember them.


bariles said...

Ate Amie, that's the best thing you did, throw garbage where they belong.

There are more pleasurable things to reminisce about our past and to dwell on. Although these bad experiences made us stronger and changed us to better persons, we need to move on and face the days ahead with more positivism and with the hope for only better days ahead, with God's grace.

Amie said...

Thanks kuya are exactly right. It's easier to move forward talaga pag wala kang dala dalang bayong, lol!