Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gone Away

I just finished composing this poem today:
Beneath the smile i put upon my face
Inside is a dying and broken soul
For every laughter and every kiss
It's all gone, it's the end for you and me

Yesterday our love was hot like summer
It was like a fire that burns and consumes
Today it's as chilly as the winds of winter
Your soft touch used to caress my hair 
Now everything hurts, everything just hurts

Gone are the days when we used to laugh and smile
Those are gone, taken by the ghost of coldness
For there is no more us, no more you and me
cold...silent...still and dark like starless night

I can only imagine you and me together
but all there is now are memories 
for everything has entirely vanished
it is lost, nowhere, it has gone into smoke

I can no longer turn back the hands of time
nor I can hold back the tears I have been keeping
or freeze the moment of romance and love
i just have to look back on the days we were happy

finally I came to my senses, I tried so hard!
that as i sleep the night and wake up each morning
there is no longer you to keep me warm at night
You're gone from my life, when we uthered that word


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