Sunday, November 20, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg

Because of very busy schedule I wasn't able to travel much this year. But I didn't take that as an excuse for me to not explore the many interesting, mostly historical places just right around my home state of Virginia. Just recently, my daughter and I went to Colonial Williamsburg and spent two days just experiencing 18th century American way of Life.

Colonial Williamsburg (CW) is a collection of approximately 40 original, restored and/or reconstructed buildings located in Williamsburg, Virginia. The 300+ acre area has been beautifully restored to allow visitors to experience what life was like in the 17th and 18th centuries. The streets are devoid of cars and the way the staffs dress, the way businesses/trades are done and even the way they talk bring you back to those times. Many famous Americans graced the streets and taverns of the city, including George Washington, Patrick Henry, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. Virginia was the largest British colony from 1699 until 1780 and Williamsburg was then its political and social hub.

Here are some snapshots of that trip

the Governor's Palace

Colonial Homes:

an affluent home and its kitchen and laundry room below

a typical affluent home had a kitchen and laundry room separated from the main house

Businesses and Trades:

The Church:

The country's first Mental Hospital:

That was truly a very relaxing two days for me and Rhea. A good way of getting away from work and enjoying that gorgeous but chilly Virginia weather. It was learning history, savoring great foods from colonial times, talking to really nice people and most of all not worry about time; recharged us and refreshed our minds to get ready for the life waiting for us in the big city.

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