Sunday, December 4, 2011


When was the last time you're lonely? What triggered you to feel that way?

I asked that question because someone told me today that she was lonely and feel bad about it. I didn't know what to tell her. I just want her to feel better. I assured her that she will be fine.

I had known loneliness as a negative feeling that creates a cavity of separation that most of us unknowingly step around. But I think that it is good to be lonely sometimes. From the depth of solitude which is certainly an aspect of loneliness, so many thoughts finally have a chance to bubble up. Thoughts that are not able to come to fruition amidst the clatter of conversation. The world that we have now is always warring and contentious and competitive and grasping and materialistic that sometimes we miss the chance to experience the nuances of our human existence. Sometimes my most profound ideas can rise out of silence and solitude. When I am lonely, I have the opportunity to have a thought that isn’t just in reaction to what I saw or someone else said or did. It stirs my creativity and innovations.

Still there are moments when I don’t recognize that alone, lonely, scared, bored or frustrated are not the same thing.  It is disconcerting to have that realization.Truly, I need to be introspective, at least to be just myself and to feel the ebb and the flow of life.

Loneliness is not a bad thing at all. And as long as I recognize that it is good to feel like that once in a while, as long as I can look at it as an opportunity to look deep inside myself and feel my emotions; then I can truly say that it is okay to be lonely.

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