Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hello Winter!

Guest post written by buddy Orville Lynn

When I was relocated to Boston in the spring, I welcomed the change with open arms. I was not looking forward to another hot and dry Texas summer. I had heard that Boston summers are awesome! Boy oh boy are they ever! I was so pleased with the temperatures and regular rain showers, I couldn’t remember ever spending so much time outside during August. The move to the north had certainly been good for my soul and I was thrilled to know I was going to call Boston home for quite some time. I had spent the whole season reading and enjoying the outdoors when old man winter showed up unannounced and ready to take over. A cold snapped arrived early and the only place I was comfortable was in my home with the heat on high. That’s when I decided to contact Boston direct tv and get my satellite TV. I had forgotten how much I loved classic movies and great documentaries since it had been so long since I had even turned on a television. Come on winter, I ‘m ready for you with remote in hand.

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