Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Day In The Farm

Yesterday, amidst my very hectic, short and crazy schedule I took a day to go and visit our farm in Sarangani Province. I will be leaving for the States in a couple of days so I thought of visiting the place while I have the chance. It's been 25 years since the last time I was there and I was amazed at how much it has changed in terms of land scape and vegetations. But the familiar feelings and the fondness of the place where I spent so many memories of my youth seems like fresh and remains as it was more than two decades ago; in my perspective at least. I took some photos which to my frustration are short of capturing the beauty of the place I once called home.

this structure was a witness to my dreams as a young 
girl; who was full of hope & had a crazy ambition 
of becoming a future mayor of our town

papaya tree


fruits like papayas, mangoes, bananas 
are found in the farm

view from the kitchen window

I planted this coconut 25 years ago

Farm animals & fowls:






part of the river where we used to play and swim 
when we were kids

this is a bridge that was not there when I almost got
drown while playing in the deep water under the trees

I used to love swimming here like this little kid but
the difference is that the water used to be so clear

the girl who dreamed of becoming a mayor of this 
town someday is now a woman who loves to travel 
and now look at life and the world from a different  

bahay kubo 

farm road going to the barrio where
we used to be scared to walk especially
at night because of "momo"(witch)

hanging bridge is another structure that was not
there when we were growing up

my sister, my confidante and my best friend

the second and fourth generation taking a rest
under the "payag" after a long walk.

That one day I spent in the farm was a chance for me to reconnect to my past. When I look at my life now and where I had been in this world, it is such a relief to realized that I haven't changed so much as far as my values are concerned. I still love the peace and quiet of being around with nature. I enjoy both the simplicity of the past and the challenges of the present and the future. I will always treasure the people who have formed me to be what I am today. My dream of becoming a mayor is a thing in my past anymore, but I still want to contribute in shaping the future of that place. After all, it is still home and the world to my sister, nephews, nieces, cousins and friends. God may have placed me in a different location many thousand miles away. But the memories and love ones will always make me feel close and connected to this place. 


ramilsanchez said...

Thanks for sharing Sis Amie!

I admire very much your being so simple and concerned with your hometown. I have seen it also in our organization, you are a treasure!

Keep it up and God Bless You Always!

elias m. egam said...

Am kanindot nga damgo... dli lang ko ka remember unsa ka nga year sa msu? but i'm sure nag uban pata ug pangaun ug sayote am I correct? he he he correct me if im wrong ha? imo ni kuya elias Egam sa MSU college of forestry. sister nako si Angga, Dada ug Eddick who are all Roman's...

Unknown said...

Nostalgic but interesting. Keep on coming up with great stories like this sister. I am sure your next piece will be for our RS website..:)

Amie said...

Hello Kuya Elias,

Of course I remember you...I was in MSU main campus from 1982-1984. I survived in 1982 ka batch mi ni bro. Wawa. Yes kauban pa ko pangaon ug sayote oy, kami nila sis Angga. Permi mi sa una sa boarding house nila ate Flong sa forestry. Si kuya Eddick close mi ato, kay kasinabot mi everytime naay initiation. I was sad when I learned na he passed away na.

Amie said...

Bro JuanLorenzo

I am trying to write something about our just concluded National convention, but I am not finished yet because I had been crazy busy with work since I got here...

Brainstorming ko be, hehehe!

Take care dearest brother...God bless!

Amie said...

hank you brod Ramil...You are an inspiration to our group too. My Romans family is truly one of my few treasures in life that I hold dear in my heart. I am just giving back what had been given to me. I know it is not enough but I have my lifetime to do it, di ba bro???

I am so proud you are my brother...

God bless!

Anonymous said...

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