Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lonesome Nights

I stand and gaze into the starless skies...
My heart longs for the one I have been waiting for
to come and comfort me in lonesome night like this.

His kisses will melt me like butter meets the sun
his hugs will keep me warm in this cooling breeze
his love will inspire me to greater heights in life
our love will be as endless as the ocean can be...

This journey will never be lonesome again
when I have him walking beside me...
My God when will you hear my prayer
when will thou send my love to me?


DennyTOX said...

Hi Amie,

As love comes in the most unexpected places, I'm sure that the love you're longing for will come for you just like a warm embrace of the morning sun in this cold winter days.


Amie said...

Thanks Denny, I consider you as one of my angels...I believe there is a season for everything, so I am anxiously waiting for the spring of my lovelife.