Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here Comes The Morning

The dawn was so pretty this morning. Even if it is still middle of winter season, I can see that the sky looks clear. As I was leaving the driveway at a few minutes before 6:00 and starting up the hill, I could see the first sign of dawn. The sky was a very faint but gorgeous sight to behold behind the darkness of the hills and the silhouettes of winter trees, and there was so much hope and so much promise for today and for the future. The sky seemed to be talking to me, saying "be patient for many good things are coming, the promise of spring is at hand." I felt so at peace even though my schedule as I looked at it, threatens to overrun me....but there is my life and all my dreams just waiting for the day I come to claim them. It is soon and getting sooner.  Life will be perfect....someday, somehow, somewhere

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