Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photographs & Memories

After a year of trying photography as a hobby, I've learned that the premise of "Taking Pictures" is that every picture has a story. I've discovered that my photographs come from my own inner world; they are quiet images that speaks to me intimately.

My subjects are not distant; they are not isolated from my feelings. I always think about my childhood, friends, my family. I'm reflecting on who I am at this stage of my life. I see places I knew when I was growing up, I visit places I have never been to, some look familiar, many are new to me, but in each case the place calls up a story and all those stories trigger the same response: I've got to photograph this!

my bestfriends and daughters
prestine, clear water from Kawasan Falls, Cebu

a picture of innocense in one of the beaches in Cebu, Philippines

familiar scene in the Philippine countryside

The next time you go places, take your camera with you, if you make attempt to photograph those places, let me know what you capture in your pictures....


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