Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For Life And Freedom

I am ready to take on
My world's big fight
Holding the key
To what I want to be
The key to my goal

But I see an abyss
That was deep down
And I could be eaten
By the darkness below

I can't remember where to go
I continue to walk by
And a sign catches my sight
That says, "500 miles To Goal"

And I continue to stroll
Treacherous mountains and hills
Where there's many kills
That tear my spirit & scares my soul.

I continue through
Where only few have ever tread
Something so vast ahead
And so many unknown paths

Then two choices and those voices
That I hear in my head
Choose the wide & easy road
Where most have left footprints

But I refused to follow the voice
And took a road to the sea
I reached a crossroad
And my head was spinning

More dreams to build
Choices to choose
Some goals to change
Some roads to follow

Things that are strange
Challenges to take
Mistakes to make
Prices to be paid
For life & freedom...

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