Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Best Gift I Ever Have--Another Celebration

Today is my daughter's birthday once again and here I am getting sentimental again...I just can't help it.

Raising two daughters with opposite personality is probably the most challenging times in a mother's life so much more when you are a single parent like me. But she has always been a very good child. There were times when she didn't do exactly what I told her, but that's one of the things that I am proud of her, she is independent minded but always use her rational judgment. She gained my trust and confidence that way.

She's 23 today. Chelle, I just want to tell you that l love you and wish you every happiness in whatever you do next. You brought into my life more than I could have ever expected. Really, you filled my life with a happiness that cannot be measured by any scale man has, you've grown into a woman that is beautiful outside and inside and you have made me the happiest parent that there is - thank you. We may have differences and we don't always agree about things but what is life without you and Rhea? You are the reasons why I still laugh when crying is the only way to ease the pain I feel inside. You were my rocks why I made it through inspite of all those challenges I've been. You are the only constant thing in my life. I am not a perfect person and not a perfect mother either. But I have raised you to be a strong, loving and compassionate woman that you are now. I am proud that you value the more important things in this life over material things. I am grateful that you keep the values we have as a family no matter where we are in this world. I wish I could give you everything because you and Rhea are my world. The best gifts God had blessed me with. And I want to shelter you from the pain and hardship but I know that it is impossible knowing that you are strong willed and wants to be on your own. Rest assured that my love and prayers will always be there wherever you are and that you will always have a place to come home to.

May God bless you more in your life, and I hope and pray that one day your children will bring you as much happiness as you have brought to me.

Just remember this...

Be happy, and reach for the moon, and if you miss you will land amongst the stars, and be the brightest I can see.

                                HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BELOVED PANGANAY!!!


Anonymous said...

wow! atch amie u did it wonderfully and so touching especially now that I am a momsy dear too. We will be on the same boat raising and to continually guide them to be a better person each day. I honor you for being such an awesome mommy of 2. Despite the hardships you run the race w/ perseverance and end up a big Winner. Congrats! and God bless you pretty Mom Amie. :-) Happy Birthday! Michelle dear.
'te Ridz

Amie said...

Hello Atch Ridz,

Thank you very much!!! I'm so glad you passed by my site. You are a wonderful and gorgeous momsy, Christian and his baby brother are awesome kids and very cute...hay naku atch I am so happy looking at your pictures and knowing that you are really happy na. God is good all the time jud atch noh?