Sunday, November 7, 2010

Philippines, The Lost Garden Of Eden

To say that the Philippines is a beautiful country is an understatement. It is an amazing tropical jewel of the East and blessed by God with so many beautiful things. Philippines have the world's smallest volcano (Taal Volcano), smallest primate (tarsier) and one of the world's most beautiful beach (Boracay). 

Philippines is composed of 7,107 Islands and is the only Southeast Asian Nation to share no land boundary with it's neighboring countries. Before the Spanish colonial era our country was collectively known as MAHARLIKA, an old Malay language which means "Noble Creation". Philippines has been the criss-cross path of all the Explorers way back centuries ago. 

God really blessed the Philippines with so many breathtaking beauties from the mountains, land, sea and its people. Filipinos are known to be extremely friendly and hospitable. You will feel the warmth and welcoming attitude of the people wherever you go. Through these few photos, it is my honor to show you and tour you to "The Lost Garden of Eden: The Pearl of the Orient."


Boracay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the World


Pinatubo crater lake


Banaue Rice Terraces- Ifugao, Philippines
the 8th wonder of the world

Taal Lake and Volcano-the smallest volcano in the world

Almost perfect cone of Mayon Volcano

Puerto Galera, Mindoro

Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

Tarsier, the smallest primate in the world

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol, 1,776 hills all in all

Siargao Island, the surfing capital of the Philippines

Ortigas Center by night

 Makati-the Manhattan of the Philippines

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J. Pandan said...

If you don't mind, may I ask where you got the photo of Mount Pinatubo Crater? I got the picture a long time ago, but I wasn't able to take note of the author or the website I got it from (, is it?). Now I'm posting the same photo in my blog -- -- and I don't know how to reference the picture.