Saturday, January 17, 2009

Everyday, My New Beginning

One of my greatest gifts, is the chance to be
born again each day.Beginning with every sunrise,
I can let go of the past and any regrets,
mistakes and sorrows it may have held.

I can look ahead and see where I'd like to go,
I just have to reach toward the light always,
love will be my guiding star even though my heart has
been broken time and time again, I'll dream
for that beautiful rainbow, catch that first raindrops
on my fingertips or see the wonder of a child and watch
the glory of the last fires of sunset.

Knowing that there is an infinite
other ways I can be happy, I will leave any emotional
baggage where it belongs-in the past.
I can always choose to leave yesterday behind
and start over again, to be whoever and whatever
I dream of being... BEGINNING TODAY.


Ken said...

Hi Amie, you are such a pretty lady and have a very positive attitude towards life, you are an amazing woman!

Avel Manansala said...

Wow! Congrats to the blogging world Ate Amie! This is just the right venue for your thoughts and feelings since your share them so beautifully with your words.

Just remember that wherever you go, GenSan will always be HOME, even though how much time you have been gone away.

Will link you up and please include me ( in your BLOGS i FOLLOW. HEHEHE!