Friday, March 11, 2011

Creating Precious Moments

As more years added to our age, we don't only grow in number but we also grow in wisdom, at least as far as I am speaking for myself.

I see life in a different perspective and as a result I came to appreciate myself and enjoy life even more. I have been in constant search for true happiness just like any other normal human. And in the process I learned to discover my strength and weaknesses and learned to look at the positive side of my being.

my body -- I love it regardless of size or shape. It's perfect as it is.
my heart -- I allow it to lead me towards my best--- my truth. Where I am most happy and feel most at home
my soul  -- I set it free and let it shine . I am proud of who I am deep inside.
my mind--I let it expand and stay open to the endless possibilities of life. I enrich it more by acquiring more knowledge through reading, research and interaction with people.
One of my secrets in staying young is maintaining a positive outlook in life and believing that no matter how bad the circumstances I am in, they too will pass. I focus on what I love-- I remember those times when I felt joy and relive those moments. I love taking photos. I am a hopeless romantic. I love holding hands while lying in the sand, dream about the future while looking at the stars. My family and friends are my treasures. My grandchild and my daughters are the most precious gifts God has given me. Moments I get to spend with them are priceless...
It's always easy to choose to be happy. I don't count the things that are missing in my life, God has blessed me with so much to be grateful for.


Avel Manansala said...

Your post is a wake-up call to people who'd rather count fret and complain than count their blessings.

Being thankful and staying positive are what makes us live happier, longer and more fulfilled to enjoy God's blessings.

But of course, you yourself are one such blessing to your friends and family Ms. Amie.


Amie said...

Thank you Kuya (big brother)'ve always been an inspiration to me. You are truly one of my blessings!