Monday, June 15, 2009

Last Minute Rambling

It was a lovely day for a drive through the field of thoughts, my car was speeding through the Interstate highway & through the countryside. Beautiful scenery was a blur through the windows and thoughts swirled around the cars, bouncing off each other, new ones appearing at every bend. Such a fast lane in the road of life!

But then, one glance away and the car is lost. The thoughts are gone and one cannot remember the beauty of any they had just seen. A glimpse of one but then its gone. The frustration is overwhelming, with a longing to just remember those thoughts & memories one could see seconds before. A hope to recover when the road slows us down.

This is a once in a while display when fighting seems futile. An often lost train and often scattered thoughts. Some roads lead to nowhere, do they not?

Unpredictable, exasperating, some things are really frustrating!!!

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