Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Photography

Photography is one of my hobbies. It has become a passion for me and I really love taking photos. It is easy to say that my life is full of photography talk.

About 3 years ago, when I bought my first expensive digital camera the sales assistant told me that it had different functions and capabilities like ‘metering modes’, 15 megapixels, shutter speed of up to 3200, white balance, etc... At the time I was too embarrassed to ask what that means and bought the camera without knowing. I had this $3300 (body alone) camera and all I could do was use the automatic function. It was my gift to myself & I just want to have an expensive camera even if I was not using its full potential,hahaha!. It took me a while studying the manual and reading online tutorial to work it out but once I did I realized that it was really an amazing camera. Then just recently, I bought a new Model with a much higher megapixel and with HD video. I had been doing some US travels and planning to do some intensive world travels in the future that I have thought of really getting serious in photography. So I enrolled in a digital photography class for SLR camera. I just finished my basic class last saturday.

I’m still learning about the different functions of my camera and how to effectively use them, however I do know that since venturing a little more out of ‘Auto’ and experimenting with the different techniques that my photography will improve a lot.

Here I post some of the photos I took capturing the serenity of nature, beauty & life around me--child's smile,rivers, animals, trees, flowers, old towns, old churches. Not exactly high quality photography, but I already used techniques in getting a decent photos. Hopefully my readers will enjoy looking at it.
Click on the photo for a much larger view.

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