Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Touching The Moon

Yesterday as I was flying back from Houston, Texas for my college reunion last weekend, I couldn't stop thinking that this reunion felt way too short. Even though the attendance turnout was lower than expected, I have to say it was enjoyable and very fruitful. I would have enjoyed another evening or two of more conversations, laughs and reminiscing with all of my fellow alumni, but at the same time, I was so glad to be home now.

One thing that struck me during our gathering was how much down to earth almost everyone was. Instead of people flaunting their status in life, most everyone was more anxious to talk about life in the campus back then & reminisce the experiences we all had been together, discuss how our families have been flourishing, the travels and experiences we've lived, our dreams and aspirations for our alma mater and country in general. I really felt a sense that everyone had been able to let their hair down and just enjoy the reunion without any concern over status, job, wealth, looks, etc.

I was also struck with these thoughts as well. I talked to so many people I never really had a chance to know at all in college days and was amazed at what great personalities so many of them have and how much they have gone in their lives. And oh my gosh! I finally realized I was sorrounded by very nice and smart people. It was really a very refreshing feeling to have the opportunity to reconnect and get to know them more this time. I am enjoying their friendships now. Many of us had some great friendships back then but somehow we just let it slip away. Back then there was no text messaging and no email. After more than two decades had passed, one thing happened to me as I bet it did to many. I heared many people at reunions said that they genuinely wanted to stay in touch. I just hope that now that the reunion was over, everybody will get caught right back up in their normal life, but those good intentions won't be forgotten.

I for one would really like to resurrect old friendships with many MSUans whom I've known for 20+ years, and for many of them I talked to for the first time last weekend, I hope to start brand new friendships. I hope that by the time our next reunion comes (2011 in Chicago, Illinois), I'll be able to proudly say that I have a great many new friends that I've stayed in touch with these past two years.

This reunion was just a beginning for all MSUans not only in the US but throughout the world. We all know we have a big task at hand--to help the young ones back home who are poor but deserving to achieve their highest potential and continue setting the standard of excellence both in our personal & professional life and service to our fellowmen and our country for which the universtiy stands for.

some of the reunion photos I took:

Miss Batch 80's dancing the Philippine national dance called Tinikling:

Native costume night:

Cowboy Night:
the batch 80's:
Batch 80's ladies with then AVP-Ruffy Ignacio:
Tess is my kababayan & batchmate from Gensan who came here just to attend the reunion:
Contestants for Mr. & Ms. MSU e!Village Int'l, hahaha!:

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