Friday, June 5, 2009

Just My Random Thoughts

It makes me more pensive whenever I read stories or articles about Filipinos leaving the country and families behind in search for a greener pasture, then stay in that foreign country (esp. US & Europe) and after getting adapted, never look back--fell more like Americans or Europeans than a Filipino.

We cannot really blame our kababayans for trying to find a better life by working in other countries. If only our government do their jobs... But then government emanates FROM the people, we voted for our leaders, so we have no one to blame but ourselves for believing these politicians who most of the times cannot deliver their promises.

Sometimes, I wonder why are we as a group of people are gifted with shobby leaders that forced a lot of Filipinos to seek elsewhere to find their niche, earn a living, make their lives better and further themselves working, slaving themselves to earn something and sending them back to the Philippines. Of course there are obvious reasons.... but I do believe that Filipinos have greater MISSION than what they may have realized.

As far as I can see, we are a very resourceful race. When it seems we've reached the end of the road, we still find a way. It is only in the Philippines that midwives can turn the transverse lie of a baby into cephalic position so the mother can deliver normally. Here in the United States, such a case would automatically call for caesarean section.

Unlike in many countries, respect for our elders stands as the norm of our society. Answering parents when being corrected spells downright catastrophe. Even our superstitions warn against disrespect for elders (Gabaan ta sa tigulang). High school life in our country is not as traumatic as it is in some developed countries because we respect the authorities. As a result, we become more psychologically stable individuals.

Filipino families are usually solid support systems. We stand together from one economic crisis to the next. Because we are able to unload our stress to our family, we have better levels of sanity thus, suicide cases are very rare. Family members are so intimate with each other that siblings know each other's secrets and borrow one another's things. In our society, the problem of one becomes the problem of the whole family and even of the relatives. For us, our families are the fuel for our dreams. We want to catch the stars for those we love. Well, that is one noble thing in us worth admiring.

A people born into the nothingness of poverty, yet continuing to strive to be something for our families; a nation that respects the wisdom of the old in order to inspire the new generation, a race that amid deprivation produces a solution. That is the cream in Filipinos when unwrapped. So, before we ever think of us less for being a Filipino thus desiring to be citizens of other countries, think: Are resourcefulness, respect and family unity not worth the pride of being Filipinos?

On the other side , if the many Filipinos who are working outside the country did not leave the country, the economic downturn at present could have impacted a lot of people and could probably bring down our country to chaos and longer, worsening poverty.... What a scary possibility... but I am really inclined to think that we, as a race have a GREATER MISSION... other than what we think we are doing.

I don't know...just my thoughts...

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odin said...

completely agree with you, on top of that we each have our own destiny and have to fullfil it. i BELIEVE in the scripture "all things trully work together for good" yet in all of these, we allow things to happen. we take the easy way out, because we don't want to make sacrifices. as mediocare as most of us we tend to just look and stay on the fence and when things go wrong we jump into it like vultures devouring the weak.. somehow its a culture of crab mentality. sad to say we succomb into it to survive... God helping us!