Sunday, April 12, 2009

From My Heart On Easter

We had a very nice Easter celebration today. We went to a 9:00AM Mass in our Parish and our priest's homily was so inspiring. The church was overflowing with people. The kids are so cute especially the little girls with their spring color dress and matching hat. I noticed that most of the church goer today came as family, what a touching sight to see dad, mom and kids going to church together. It made me travel down memory lane to my childhood when we as family go to Mass every Sunday and other holidays of obligation. As a child it was an occasion for me to show my new dress and new shoes. When we were kids, we don't wear our Church dress for any other occasion. To our family, Easter means Mass early in the morning and then Easter Feast will follow. We would spend it either in the beach or in my parents farm. And it was always a very happy celebration for everybody. Today, I miss being with my family. But in my heart I knew that we are one in spirit in celebrating this very special event of our redemption.

I would like to share my Easter reflection with you. To me Easter's message is that of liberation. The word has taken on some negative aspects in modern usage like so many other words, yet it is the message of the Holy Week. It is a time to celebrate the Lord's Resurrection by accepting His liberation and living it out in my daily life. Easter will only have meaning to me if I accept and live out the real meaning of Christ's Resurrection and that is to me is love, freedom from all that destroys and tears down my heart, my mind and my spirit as a child of God.

As our parish priest has said, I am a witness who, filled with hope in the Risen Christ have been commissioned to present Christ to others. This I must do everyday, with my family, my neighbors and the world as a whole.

May this Easter bring joy and hope to all of us. And may the message of love, mercy, forgiveness and peace forever inspire our hearts to share it to others. HAPPY EASTER to all!!!

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