Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Los Angeles & it's Memories

I believe in keeping good memories of places, people and my experiences. We all have our own favorite places to remember. For me, every new place I visit is a new discovery and more experiences to add to my memory chest.

I love traveling and discovering new places. A week before holy week I went to Los Angeles California for a week vacation and to visit relatives and friends I have not seen for years.

As a young girl back in the Philippines my image of Los Angeles was all about hollywood stars, Beverly Hills, Malibu beach & Disneyland. I learned more about this place as I grow older and after reading books and magazines and watching movies.

My one week trip did go far in reformatting my preconcieved images I have of the city. Seriously.

LA is a huge suburban sprawl. So there's no way I could picture the whole place in my one week of stay there. But in my mind I have thousands of images that I will surely treasure for the rest of my life. I am sharing some of what I captured with my camera.

faces & smiles

Finally, I spotted this ad posted at Roosevelt Hotel while we were driving along Hollywood Blvd..the coming fight of Manny Pacquiao the pride of my beloved General Santos City & the whole Philippines with Ricky Hatton.

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