Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Adieu

I can see you fading into a distant silhouette
I can barely see your image in the darkening horizon,
I am filled by sadness, a new-found longing.

Love is such a wonderful thing with its ups and downs
I dreamed of finding one that never fades; just grows
But as there is a beginning and so an end to what we are.

If this is how this love is meant to end
Then I hope this hurt will soon be past
I will embrace life as I had known before
I have all our memories to treasure forever.

I refuse to hold on just to fill a few needs,
for I know in the end I will be brought to my knees
So I bade goodbye before my time fades into the ashes.

I would love you forever but we are growing apart
I feel the tear in my heart; the emptiness of my soul
I feel that fire wane and I have to leave.
Adieu my love, THIS IS THE END...


Loida of the 2L3B's said...

I hate goodbyes..

But I like this poem..

It made me feel like crying.

Ken said...

Amie, I REALLY enjoyed reading your's prolific & very unique. I love the imagery & the way you express your emotions.