Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fragments & Scattered Thoughts

There are moments when I feel that life is quite hard....moment that I don't want to face the pain, loneliness and challenges of whatever it is I am feeling and going through.......

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest...... and a part of living this life is going through times or moments when, for whatever reason, we are going to be hurt, feel sad, lonely and confused.

It is at those times when reaching out to God, bonding with loving and supportive friends, giving, listening and accepting kind words from yourself and those who love you... recognizing the positive things and changes that you and others see in you that will help you get through those moments.

I always allow myself to feel the pain. I write or just sit and listen to my inner voice and ask myself "why am I feeling this sadness right now?" "why am I feeling lonely, alone and down?"

I always try to find the true and real answers as to why I am at a place where I am down, instead of reacting to it negatively...... I look for the love and strength inside myself that God has given to me to reach out so that it will carry me through.

Love is the greatest healing elixir. It is always there when we need it. It inspires me to recognize all the positive things in my life. It reminds me of the the best things in life: Breath in our nostrils, light in our eyes, flowers at our feet, love of our family and friends.

It is in those times that I know the Sun is shining. I lift my head.... I close my eyes.... I thank God.... I breathe in and fill my body with the gift of life that God has bestowed upon all of us. I Thank God for all the positive and good things and people that I can turn to and who turns to me for love and support.

A few of my friends have recently told me that they see a vibrant and new look on my face and a light in my eyes. When I hear those words, I feel like my soul and inner child are alive.

I know there is a new emergence of a woman that is being born.

A woman who has been in pain. A woman who constantly test her abilities to take care of those she loves. That woman is still there..... but the emerging woman that I am now coming into..... God is giving me the life and opportunities to allow changes to take place in my life and the gratefulness to embrace them.

Yes, the Sun is shining. I know that I can reach the top of the highest mountain. Though there will be times of challenge, moments of heartache and moments of wanting to give up.....I will remember to lift my head...close my grateful to God for every experience and everyone that has come, gone and still in my life... Grateful for all my blessings and that I'm alive and loved!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts and feelings. May it inspires you to keep going and growing forward with love in your life.

Peace and love to everyone...everywhere!

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