Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My heart no longer beats the same
Although my lips still speak your name
Tears are not running down my face
Where once a kiss had left it’s trace.

I have walked the roads we used to wander
Trying to capture moments from times yonder
My hands are not bare without yours to hold
There is warmth and peace, bliss and freedom

I closed my eyes with thoughts of you
Passed by the roads where we built our dreams
The stars seem dim, there’s no moonbeams
Where once we danced in happiness & love
There is nothing but smoke & ashes of pain

My soul is soaring & dancing with joy
I kissed emptiness & sadness goodbye
All feeling's gone but I have no regrets
Our memories melted into liquid oblivion


odin said...

wow.. full of realities of life and what it is to live... yet the key to overcome and become a survivor! leave the past and live for what is to come

Amie said...

Hi Leon, thank you very much & welcome to my blog!