Saturday, May 30, 2009

Poem: Hello After Goodbye

Beloved, adored one, forever my love
Where to has the darkness taken you?
In a grieving eternity I’ve waited,
I searched for you through time and space
Through the desert and my falling tears.

Now you seek me where the loving
Gives each love a chance to prevail
Where only bright shadows fall
Where the morning is golden
And the night is far more forgiving.

I recall the strength in our loving still
all those glorious nights of our youth
In your bearing I can plainly read your will
You grieve and remorse; you want our life back
But I have to forget you to make me whole.

The times of gold and light when we were young
The love we knew when we were one in mind and soul-
The nights we spent just talking and building dreams
Things I will miss but we need to leave them behind
Let’s dry the tears and live our lives apart...

The time the veil will be parted is not long
We knew and we dread but the end is in sight,
As the debris falls, our world is tearing apart
My heart gets weary as I whisper your name
Goodbye my love, I hope to see my friend...


Yannie said...

I am an avid follower of your blog. I love the way you write!!!

Amie said...

Marianne, Thank you for such an inspiring comment...

odin said...

moving... not all dreams can be realities, but realities can either be dreams that never came true or dreams that we never dreamed of...

Amie said...

@Leon, I completely agree with you. Life really is full of surprises.