Friday, May 8, 2009

Some Thoughts About Life

I have always thought that I am a free spirited woman. Someone whose definition of a free spirited as one who isn't weighed down by the troubles of everyday life, is always herself regardless of the situation and live life to the fullest. Not restricted by other people's opinions, still smiles when things aren't going too well, taking a positive outlook on life and trying to make the most of it, my spirit isnt damped by little things in life... In short, free-spirited in a positive context.

What does it mean to be free spirited person? A question I've been reflecting for a while now...

As I said I've always thought that I was a free spirited woman. But in the last few days, I've come to realize that being a free spirited person does not come at a price that will cause you to lose in ways where the costs brings forth pain and suffering. Or from a place where I feel that I don't have the courage and strength to go deep within myself and really look at who I am, face the pain(s) and address them.

Could it be that most people define being a "free spirited person" from what the world and what most of society deems as being a free "spirit"?

The Spirit and soul are not to be confined. It is inevitable that we will meet and have relationships with each other. Some will stay for a long time....many will stay for a short while.

I understand that many people have their definitions as to what it means to be a free spirited being. So I'm going to ask those of you who are reading this blog few questions.

After reading and answering my questions, if you can answer them honestly, about where you are as being a free spirited person, and none of the ways that I've asked is how you truly live, then keep living freely. If you can answer these questions honestly, and see that you're living as to the questions I've asked in any way, then keep pushing and striving to break the chains that keep you locked and bound.

Do you manipulate, lie, abuse, judge, contradict, criticize, abnegate responsibilities to and of yourself and others? Do you lack integrity and compassion, lack integrity to admission, unfairly treat and favor one over the other? Do you live in the past and hold grudges, disdain, ambivalence and indignance towards yourself and others? Do you blame others for your actions and choices that can be hurtful to yourself and others? Do you act and/or react with anger, volitility, hostility and/or rage when you feel upset? Do you withdraw and withhold feelings of love and comfort even when you see others in pain? Do you minimize and/or invalidate others' feelings and experiences? Do you not love, respect, honor, and accept yourself for who you are and where you are today?..........

My opinion is, if you do any behaviors, which causes strife and stress in your life and the lives of others, that's not being a free spirited person.

Knowing that we are all human beings, we are all far from being perfect. But by admitting our imperfections, shortcomings and faults, we will attain freedom and it takes a lot of courage to do!

I know we all face triumphs and challenges everyday. We all have our journeys and expreriences in our travels; lessons to learn from and lessons to teach to others.

If we can learn to let go of fear and judgement of others, reflect love, understanding, patience, peace and acceptance of each other and our experiences, we can all become free.

Knowing that life is very short, when we die and leave this world, we all know that it is our souls/spirits that will continue to live and exist.

I respect people have there own ideas, ideals and opinions. I may agree, or I may not.

The bottom line is whether I, we agree, disagree,like or dislike each other and our views and opinions, I do believe that we can still respect and validate each other's experiences and feelings. So if you agree or disagree with everything I've said and asked, I respect that is how you think and feel. I respect that.

Having the ability and the confidence in yourself, your views and/or opinions, and not underestimating or invalidating others and their views and/or opinions, is a wonderful and attractive character attribute to have. That is being a free spirited; being able to acknowledge and recognize people for their individuality, feelings and opinions, allowing them to express without judging them and still respect them even if they don't agree or accept what you say and believe is what it means to live freely.

My last question is...should we be living as free spirited-persons or should we be striving and pursuing to become and live as free SPIRITED BEINGS?

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