Friday, May 1, 2009

Depth Of Field

I am almost halfway finished with my Photography class for Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera. My daughter Michelle & I enrolled in this class because I just bought a Canon 5 SDII camera and I want to know more about depth of field, resolution, composition, macro photography & more. I gave michelle my rebel XT and I am so glad she is also enjoying our class. I am looking forward to more of our mother-daughter bonding through this new found hobby that we both really enjoy. I am going to share here the photographs I took during our class' shooting sessions & some of my local trips around our area. This week our topic is about depth of field. These are photos I took in our yard, around our neighborhood in Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and other suburb of Washington DC. Enjoy your tour!

The Historic Occoquan

my classmate


The Front Royal Golf Course

St. Michael Island, Maryland

a barn

Blooms in our garden:
a flower of a Dogwood tree

Wisteria flower


Different varieties of Azalea

African Marigold

Now that I understand few of the many things that my camera can do, I am excited to learn more about it and I want to have skills to make it work the way I want the actions or images to be captured. I have learned that there is more to photography than just using the automatic setting of our camera...

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Yannie said...

Nice pics.
You captured it perfectly. Very professional!!!