Monday, May 4, 2009

Rambling Of A Barren Heart

I wandered through this life losing my faith in love
My trust had been betrayed, I walked with my head down
Until that day I met you and you turned my life around
Rescued me from loneliness and helped me find my dream...

I learned to feel a passion that I thought exist no more
That was the day I cherished because I finally found
The one I’d always love and build my life around
Did you know that I believed you were my destiny?

But quickly as we came we soon had disappeared
Our time would finally end and we had to say goodbye
I was so lost, don’t know how it all went wrong
But how was I to know; perhaps I never will...

I cried a thousand tears and softly spoke your name
The time we spent together was the time I’d never trade
Your love wasn't as deep just not enough for us to last
I have to go away and leave you from my heart...

I closed my eyes and said my last goodbye
I do wish your life would be like dawn
Full of brightness, strength, warmth & hope
I just need to go; stay away from you forever...


Anonymous said...

my heart is barren, lost, feels nothing at all anymore

Amie said...

Hi Anonymous,

When we are heartbroken, we say we don't feel nothing at all. But as long as we live and when the wound gets healed and the right person comes along, we will find ourselves feeling the love again. Only we become wiser and more realistic....